Hey all you Monas and Leos out there. Did you ever wonder about Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile. What makes
it mysterious? It’s not surprising that Leonardo da Vinci would keep us guessing. As a young boy he enjoyed telling jokes and creating riddles.

He was so inspired with so many interests that he would move from one project to the next sometimes leaving things unfinished. His many inventions from flying machines to ways to make a painting come to life are a testament to his genius. His love of secrets was legendary. Even his famous notebooks were written backwards so that you and I would have to hold them up in a mirror to read them!

Have fun with our site. Color the Mona Lisa and imagine how Leonardo felt carefully choosing his colors. Maybe you have uncovered the secret of Mona’s smile. Tell us your theory and we may put you on our site.
Welcome to Mona Lisa Mania!

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